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Bob Nelson, CPA, is a highly accomplished, experienced, and skilled accountant. He’s worked for large accounting firms and provided services for the second largest school district in California.

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What We Do


  • Preparation
  • Audits
  • Settlements
  • Planning

Financial Planning

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Budgeting Analysis
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Budget Planning


  • Process Audits
  • Performance Audits
  • System Audits
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Professional And Experienced Certified Public Accountant

Why Us?

Dual License

Bob Nelson, Esq. is not only qualified and licensed as a CPA, but also as an attorney-at-law with the state of California, giving him expertise in both fields.

Dual Specialization

With his dual license, Bob Nelson is able to simplify all matters regarding both accounting and law. When the two fields overlap, he is able to avoid all confusion.

Dual Benefits

As Bob is an attorney, not only do you get the benefits of a double specialization, but you also receive attorney-client privilege with Bob Nelson, something not given with only a CPA.